The latest trends in fashion and home decor are always changing but one trend that is always current are natural metals and wood.


Modern Finishes LLC is proud to offer a variety of TrueMetal epoxy finishes to enhance any interior or exterior application.

  • Our epoxy is 100% solids and zero VOC's.

  • It is scratch, stain and impact resistant.

  • UV stable and will not fade over time. 

  • Heat safe up to 500*


Do you have an outdated shower with pink tiles and rose accents? What about an old home with asbestos glue holding your tiles in place?

Instead of ripping out the old tiles, stirring up dust and turning your home into a demolition site, let us coat over your tiles with a trowel-able wall epoxy. We can provide a dynamic design with layer upon layer of color and leave you will a beautiful surface that is super smooth and most importantly.....NO GROUT TO SCRUB!!


Our epoxy is an excellent option for your flooring needs. Whether its going directly over concrete, sub-floor or covering outdated tiles that you don't want to rip out, we've got you covered! 

What sets our product apart is the amount we use! This is not a thin, painted on coating that will chip and pop off in a matter on months. Metallic floors see applications up to 100 ml thick which is up to 10x thicker than most other epoxies on the market. This enables us to give you the 3D design you want and the shock resistant durability you need. 

Our Mica Flake and Wood Flake floors are a stunning option for interior, exterior, garage, and even commercial kitchen use and are especially suited for unlevel floors due to the application technique.

Concrete Repair

This is the solution you have been searching for!!!

Permanent concrete repair. Not a paint or stain coating. Not a thin layer of new concrete sitting on top just waiting to fail. 

Real, Permanent

Concrete Repair!

Our epoxy is specially formulated to penetrate the surface. It bonds completely with the existing base so there is nothing to chip off later. We then coat the surface with a decorative and durable sand coating made from quartz. We finish off the project with a coat of UV stable Urethane for a lasting and attractive look. Brick patterns and other designs are available as well.

Please check out our Before and After photos in the Gallery!! You will not believe the damage we can repair!

This application is perfect for:

  • Driveways

  • Sidewalks

  • Patios and porches

  • Pool Surrounds

  • Heated Driveways

  • Shops and Industrial floors

  • and more....

Pressure Washing & Urethane Application

Keep your repaired concrete looking fresh and new with a maintenance plan!

Now offering Pressure washing and urethane application in a maintenance package plan

Spa Surrounds & Pool Coatings

Failing spa surrounds and pool coatings can ruin your deck and your fun. We can repair the damage caused by harsh chemicals and salt and leave you with a chemical resistant coating that is both beautiful and functional.


Ambient Glow Technology AGT pebbles make an exciting addition to any driveway or pool surround.