About Us


In business since 2016, we offer solutions for trending home makeovers, bold business remodels and the eco-friendly concrete maintenance and repair you need.

Personalized Approach


Eco-Friendly How?

By preserving failing concrete we can actually protect the environment as well an improve property values. We save thousands of tons of concrete from filling the landfills every year and this benefits us all. Likewise, by having new countertops and floors poured over your existing surfaces you can give your home a face-lift without impacting the earth negatively. 

Our product contains zero VOC's and is a true 100% solids formula. Many companies claim this but their MSDS prove them false. 


Insured and Guaranteed

Proof of insurance provided upon estimate acceptance and our warranty coverage is extended to our customers from date of installation. Please see Warranty page for details about coverage and exclusions.